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Online Differentiated Instruction Resources

Definitions, Discussions, & Approach


For more information, see:

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Curriculum Associates: Differentiated Instruction: Success for Every Student
Online 4-lesson course in Differentiated Instruction including text and audio instruction, examples, handouts, a reading assignment, and a lesson review with which you can assess your own learning progress. Lesson 3 introduces specific D.I. strategies.


CAST: National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum

Differentiated Instruction, by Tracey Hall, Ph.D., NCAC
Definition, Components (content, process, product), Guidelines for teachers, Evidence of effectiveness, Application to classroom, Web links (some out of date), References

Carol Ann Tomlinson's Website
Information about Carol Ann Tomlinson and her work on Differentiated Instruction

Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners
Article by Carol Ann Tomlinson, ERIC EC Digest #E536, October 1995

ASCD (Assn. for Supervision and Curriculum Development)

Education Topics: Differentiating Instruction
Introduction (brief definition), Exploration (includes full-text articles and brief audio interviews), and Resources (related books & products for sale by ASCD)

All Kinds of Minds: Understanding Differences in Learning
Insights into the learning challenges that students face (skills that must be mastered, the neuro-developmental factors that may influence student's success, and common obstacles that students may encounter); hints and suggested activities

New Horizons for Learning: Differentiated Instruction
Articles, readings, and additional links.

Teaching Channel: Differentiation
Video clip examples of differentiated instruction in use.

Are You Making these Four Differentiated Instruction Mistakes?
Important distinctions that can make a real difference in how Differentiated Instruction is implemented in the classroom.

Differentiated Instruction? Yes, but...
Responses to some real concerns about implementing Differentiated Learning.

Sir Ken Robinson Video Clips on Creativity and Schools


Excerpts from two talks (7 minutes)

Creatively Speaking: Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind

The internationally renowned innovation consultant calls for transformation, not just reformation, of public education. (Edutopia)

Lecture by Sir Ken Robinson at the University of Alabama campus

Sept. 12, 2007, sponsored by Creative Campus Initiative (2:14 minutes)

Another YouTube clip

from a Ken Robinson address (4:03 minutes)

"Are Schools Killing Creativity?"

TED Conference in 2006 (19.5 minutes):

"Changing Paradigms"

Extended speech when receiving RSA Benjamin Franklin Medal in June, 2008 (55:19 minutes)

Ready-to-Use Activities & Strategies


Star.gifTry this pre-assessment to see how much you already know about various DI strategies and classroom applications:

Differentiation Toolbox -- link broken on 12/8/09; will keep checking to see if it is temporary...
Well-organized site with a set of excellent and practical resources for use in the classroom.

Dare to Differentiate
Excellent resources including handouts and ready-to-use strategies -- some are enhanced with technology already.

Enhance Learning with Technology: Strategies for Differentiating
Extensive site with broad range of well-organized information, links, examples; helps tie technology with D.I.; don’t miss the Links for Differentiating hyperlink at the bottom

Anchor Activities
Links to online activities in various subjects that could be used as anchor activities.

CTAP Middle School Math Project
Educational technology resources for differentiated instruction in the middle school math classroom.

Eduscapes: Ten Tips for Differentiation
Resources to help students who need scaffolding to build connections (meaningfulness, currency, practice, reading level, authenticity, active participation, experiences, motivation, realism, challenge)

Eduscapes: Technology and Multiple Intelligences
Background and lists of technology tools to support classroom activities in support of each of the nine intelligences

Eduscapes: Teacher Tap
Free, professional development resource that helps educators address common technology integration questions by providing practical, online resources and activities – extensive resource which can be utilized in small doses as needed

Staff Development for Educators: Teacher Resources
Free downloads of PDF resources and guides for differentiating instruction and differentiating textbooks

WestEd: Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners
Tips focused on technologies most schools already have and for use in professional development of technology for general and special educators.

Internet4Classrooms: Differentiated Instruction
Sites that help classroom teachers adjust their teaching process to their learners needs; links on instructional theory, practical classroom tips, sample units and lessons, and other documents.

Dr. Kathy Nunley’s Layered Curriculum Web Site for Educators
A 3 layer model of differentiated instruction encourages complex thinking and holds students highly accountable for their learning - especially designed for secondary classrooms, but appropriate for all.

Instructional Strategies Online
Instructional strategies determine the approach a teacher may take to achieve learning objectives. Five categories of instructional strategies and explanation of these five categories can be found within this site.

Reading Quest: Reading Strategies for Comprehension
Reading strategies useful for differentiation with specific instructions for each..

West Bloomfield, Michigan: Differentiated Instruction
Resources for Parents, Students, and Teachers.

Grosse Pointe Public School System, Michigan: Resources
Online, video, and print resources for Differentiated Instruction (annotated)

Manteno Elementary School, Illinois: Differentiated Instruction
Includes background information as well as links to strategies..

Walter McKenzie: Multiple Intelligence Pages
Connects Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences with extensive strategies and activities through technology (includes blog and discussion group)

Southern Columbia (PA) Classrooms for the Future
Under "Teacher Resources" there is a link to differentiated lessons that incorporate technology.

Creating Lifelong Learners
Variety of activities to differentiate.

Network & Subscription Resources


Local Data

One of many student information systems tracking student information including assignments and grades

Data-Driven Decision Making

Subscription Services

netTrekker d.i.
Search engine with results organized by reading levels; online dictionary definitions by clicking text; spoken text

Online reading assignments with multiple reading levels; same assignment as appropriate reading levels.

Discovery Education United Streaming
Streaming video resources aligned to standards