Goal: Contribute one or more technology-enhanced D.I. strategies on the Tech4DI wiki.


Tech Tips & Strategies (Instructional Flow, Content Strategies, Student Information, Process Strategies, and Assessment Strategies); and any External Links and Resources may also be relevant.
[[space/showimage/Tech2DI4BootCamp.pdf|Tech2DI4BootCamp.pdf]], slides 49-72.


  • Individually review one or more external links on the High Impact Tech & DI page. Within your working Pair or Triad, coordinate so you are exploring different links and resources.
  • Make individual notes as posts in the Moodle blog. Select "Anyone on this site" in the Publish To field so others in tis session can see your posts. You will be identified by your Hershey login, so you will be relatively anonymous. Tag all your posts "Contributor" and add any other relevant tags you select.
  • Use the Moodle chat to communicate with all those in the larger Contributor Task Group. Use the chat to let others know what links you are exploring, ask questions, and/or share observations. If you find any bad links, report them in the Discussion tab on the page where the link is located.
  • Once you have reviewed one or two sites, begin writing your contribution idea or strategy you've implemented combining tech and DI. Use the Moodle blog or the Moodle chat as you wish to develop your ideas in collaboration with everyone else in the Contributor Task Group (not just in your Pair or Triad).
  • Be sure to allow time to copy/paste or write your contribution on the appropriate page in the wiki. Use the Moodle Contributor Chat to announce which page you are editing and when you have saved your edit to avoid conflicts.
  • At the appointed time, finish your contribution(s) and briefly discuss what each of you have contributed in your Pair or Triad.
  • If you finish early, explore blog entries from those in the other two Task Groups or use the Discussion tab on this wiki page for any observations or questions relevant to your group tasks.
  • Be prepared to share something you learned/discovered in the Wrap Up discussion. Share your contributions, offer sites you found especially valuable, and insights you gained.


  • Postings in the Discussion threads on this page and elsewhere in the wiki may be completed after the workshop. Remember, this is a public wiki.
  • Participants are encouraged to re-visit the Tech4DI wiki often and continue to contribute resources for Differentiation and Technology in the External Links and Resources pages and your own strategies and experiences in the Tech Tips & Strategies pages.
  • Consider using the Notify Me tab at the top to monitor one or more Tech4DI pages via email notification when changes occur, or by using the RSS subscription feature. You may also choose to monitor the entire Tech4DI wiki site by selecting the Space-Wide Notification Page link here or from the Notify Me tab on any page.
  • Please feel free to use the wiki with your colleagues and in your own practice.