Contributors' Task Card


Contribute one or more technology-enhanced D.I. strategies on the Tech4DI wiki.

Resources to Use:

Session Tasks:

  • Review Existing Contributions (5 to 10 minutes)

  • Prepare Then Post Your Contribution (15 to 20 minutes)

    • Download and use the or (the RTF should open in any word processing application and may be uploaded to GoogleDocs).
    • Compose your contribution on the Planning Form rather than directly on the wiki. Only one person at a time can actually edit a wiki page. Preparing your contribution off-line in the Planning Form will help avoid this limitation.
    • Determine which page or pages of Tech Tips & Strategies your contribution should appear on. If your contribution applies to more than one page, just add it to all that are appropriate.
    • When you are ready to post, select your text from the Planning Form, then click the Edit This Page link at the top of the appropriate Tech Tips & Strategies page. Position the insert cursor at the appropriate spot and paste in your text. Be sure to add a Horizontal Rule to separate each contribution on the page. And don't forget to give yourself credit -- include a link to your home page or provide contact information as you wish (but use caution/discretion to minimize exposure to spam).
  • Reflect and Respond (about 5 minutes)

    • When prompted, briefly discuss your contribution(s) in your Pair or Triad.
    • Share your contribution(s) with the larger group by responding in the NECC2008 thread under the Discussion tab at the top of this wiki page.
    • Be prepared to share in the large-group Wrap Up discussion -- your own contribution(s) or one previous contributed that you found interesting or potentially useful.
    • Start to complete the online BYOL Survey for NECC 2008 -- http://www.iste.org/byol2008 -- Please finish before you leave.
    • Comment on the NECC 2008 NING or in the NECC 2008 discussion thread in the Discussion tab above. Your feedback on the session is extremely valuable. If you don't have time at the end of the session, please come back later.


  • Postings in the Discussion threads on this page and elsewhere in the wiki may be completed or extended after the workshop. Although this page will be updated for future workshops and presentations, the Discussion tabs will remain. Please feel free to return and add to these discussions at any time in the future. Remember, this is a public wiki.
  • You are encouraged to re-visit the Tech4DI wiki often and contribute resources for Differentiation and Technology in the External Links and Resources pages as well as more of your own strategies and experiences in the Tech Tips & Strategies pages.
  • Consider using the Notify Me tab at the top to monitor one or more Tech4DI pages via email notification when changes occur, or by using the RSS subscription feature. You may also choose to monitor the entire Tech4DI wiki site by selecting the Space-Wide Notification Page link here or from the Notify Me tab on any page.
  • Comment on the NECC 2008 NING
  • Please feel free to use this wiki with your colleagues and in your own practice.