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Dot Voting is a low-prep strategy. Such strategies are often implemented on the fly and usually don't require much, if any, prior preparation. Adding a technology component to these low-prep strategies can add time for preparation and/or implementation. As with any technology implementation, do so only when it makes a difference, not just for the sake of using technology.

Dot voting allows students to indicate preferences of more than one selection among many. Typically, options are presented on chart paper hung on the walls, and students are given a set number of sticker dots (usually 3 to 5). They view the options and place their allotted dots on the choices they like best.

Dot voting is a variation of Cumulative Voting. For more information about the variations see:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumulative_voting. Dot voting is also called "dotmocracy."

How can technology be used to facilitate dot voting? Add your ideas to the list...
  • Create an online survey with items allowing students to make multiple selections. Note, however, that most online survey item options are to allow one or unlimited choices -- not a restricted number of choices typically used in dot voting. Of course, setting up an online survey begins to move Dot Voting from a low-prep to a high-prep strategy!