Explorers Task Card


  • Explore introductory links for D.I. to determine your own first/next steps in using DI -- with possible technology enhancement.
  • Develop a project incorporating a DI strategy (low prep recommended) for classroom implementation and determine potential technology component.

Resources to Use:

Session Tasks:

  • DI Overview - Do one or both of the following for a quick overview of DI (Hands On Part 1)

  • Individual or Paired Explorations (Hands On Part 1)

  • Reflect and Respond (following Hands On Part 1)

    • When prompted, briefly discuss in your Pair or Triad the findings you added to your Planning Form.
  • Individual or Paired Explorations (Hands On Part 2)

    • NOTE: DI Expert Consultation available as needed (virtual, one-on-one)
    • Continue exploring and recording resources from the wiki, but during this Hands On time be sure to move ahead to . . .
    • Complete the Goals and Implementation portions of the Planning Form. Anticipate impact on student learning as well as changes in your teaching practice.
  • Reflect and Respond (following Hands On Part 2)

    • When prompted, discuss your explorations and preliminary implementation plans in your Pair or Triad.
    • Share pertinent portions of your morning notes with the larger group as a response to the MTSD July 10, 2008 thread under the Discussion tab at the top of this wiki page.
    • Be prepared to share one or two comments in the large-group discussion -- a particularly useful website, an "ah ha" moment, new learning about DI, your plans for implementation, etc.
  • Lunch

  • Project Development (Hands On Part 3)

    • You may work independently or with one other colleague in the same discipline or grade range (regardless of your respective morning grouping).
    • Select and use a template for project development.
      • [[image:../../i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="space/showimage/CurriculumDevelopmentFormat.doc"]][[space/showimage/CurriculumDevelopmentFormat.doc| CurriculumDevelopmentFormat.doc]] -- LMSD template
      • -- MTSD Tech Mentor Lesson Plan template
      • -- MTSD Tech Mentor Project Plan template
    • Incorporate at least one DI strategy -- preferably one that requires relatively low preparation or one that you feel you can easily implement successfully. Consider how technology might enhance or facilitate the success of your DI strategy.
  • Recording

    • When prompted, submit in Moodle your Project Planning document including next steps needed for implementation.
  • Sharing

    • In pairs/triads, discuss the day -- highlights, insights, new information, "ah ha" moments, valuable resources, progress on project development, and next steps, as well as any frustrations or stumbling blocks.
    • Return to the initial question discussion thread on the Notes & Presentations wiki page and post your thoughts as the day ends. You may post a new response or a response to someone else's reply.
    • Contribute to the whole group wrap-up discussion.
  • Evaluation

    • Complete the District evaluation form.
    • Please contribute any over-all feedback concerning the workshop in the MTSD Workshop Feedback thread on the Notes & Presentations wiki page. Thanks in advance -- your comments are extremely valuable.


  • Postings in the Discussion threads on this page and elsewhere in the wiki may be completed or extended after the workshop. Although this page will be updated for future workshops and presentations, the Discussion tabs will remain. Please feel free to return and add to these discussions at any time in the future. Remember, this is a public wiki.
  • Participants are encouraged to re-visit the Tech4DI wiki often and contribute resources for Differentiation and Technology in the External Links and Resources pages as well as your own strategies and experiences in the Tech Tips & Strategies pages.
  • Consider using the Notify Me tab at the top to monitor one or more Tech4DI pages via email notification when changes occur, or by using the RSS subscription feature. You may also choose to monitor the entire Tech4DI wiki site by selecting the Space-Wide Notification Page link here or from the Notify Me tab on any page.
  • Please feel free to use this wiki with your colleagues and in your own practice.