Dedicated to the synergistic, symbiotic relationship between technology and differentiated instruction.The purpose of this public wiki is to collect and share resources linking Computer and Information Technology and Differentiated Instruction.All educators are invited and encouraged to contribute and edit as well as to read and use the ideas and strategies found here.
Here is a question to ponder as you use/contribute to this site:Is the proper goal of DI to overcome and resolve student learning differences or to harness and cultivate them?

External Links and Resources are divided into sections (pages) as follows:

Please add and annotate links, fix or remove broken links, and add to annotations or descriptions based on your experiences.

Tech Tips & Strategies -- Please Contribute!

Beyond adding/editing links, please share your own tips/strategies for using technology to differentiate instruction on the following pages:
  • Content Strategies (Learning Centers/Stations, Learning Conracts, Tiered Assignments, Curriculum Compacting, Concept-based Teaching, Essential Questions, Independent Study, Interest Centers, Group Investigations, Problem Based Learning, R.A.F.T.S., Extension Menus, Complex Instruction)
  • Process Strategies (Cubing, Visual/Graphic Organizers, Scaffolding, Learning Log/Journals, Manipulatives, Technology)
    • Instructional Flow (Anchoring Activities, Flexible Grouping, Flexible Pacing; Cooperative Learning)
  • Product and Assessment Strategies (Formative Assessments, Rubrics, Portfolios, Student-led Conferences, Summative Assessments, Alternative Assessments)
    • Student Information (Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Interest Inventories, Pre-Assessment, Exit Cards)

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